Posted here will be more detailed descriptions about posted artwork. Stories behind the subject, tidbits about the locations the paintings were done, etc...


| 08 December, 2013 09:28

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| 08 December, 2013 09:28

As I drive around my beautiful town of Aiken, SC there are so many amazing scenes. From the old historical farms to the most amazing sunrises and sunsets.  Aiken offers three things... horses, great food and friendly people. Please visit my website and look at the "photography" gallery and you will see an image of one of those sunsets. Until next time!

2011 Exhbit

| 12 September, 2011 21:26

Wow! What a success my artists reception was. Thank you to everyone that came. I so enjoyed talking to everyone and telling them the stories behind each painting. You all are amazing!!!!

Birds of Paradise

| 21 July, 2011 21:10

Please visit my new gallery on my website - Floral. It has one of my newest pieces of artwork. "Bird of Paradise". It's a mixed media piece measuring 12" x 12".